"Nowadays, customers are taking more interest in choosing restaurant as a lot of people are concerned about the food safety.

Consequently, restaurant business has become diversified. In order to be a popular restaurant, our staff of 50 employees and 700 part-timers emphasize customer’ satisfaction. Improving various services, providing excellent food served with heartwarming hospitality, cleanliness, and our originality is what we differentiate from other organizations.

Now is a difficult time for the restaurant industry but to the contrary, we at Cheelgadi all hope to expand our restaurant network because there is a big opportunity in such an environment where many restaurants are failing.

We strive to be a company where every employee can have his or her dream realized through mutual communication and support. In order to meet the latest demands, we are now aiming to develop new businesses such as starting a 5 Star Hotel in Rajasthan, India, where our trading organization is based. We will never cease to take further steps to develop our business prospects."

- Hari Prakash Meena